The giants of tomorrow will be those who use innovation, strategy, transformation and commercial engagement in a whole new way. Businesses of all sizes need to know how to get the most from change.

Today’s world of work is completely different to anything that’s gone before. How will Artificial Intelligence affect your career? Are MBAs still worth the investment of time & money? This one day event looking into the Future of Work, will give you insight into a rapidly changing jobs market.
— Tony Fish, Disruptor & Angel Investor

Decision made, now what happens to the European workforce?  

The sales and marketing landscape has forever been changed by Digital. With Buyers turning online for reviews of products and services, using social media to add weight to their buying decisions, does the EU even matter? With the disappearance of geographical borders in many areas of commerce, what does the world of business and work look like post exit? 

IS Information a commodity like any other

The use of data and technology will be key factors in the new economy but people management will also be important. Whether actual or remote, keeping teams motivated & engaged will be the big challenge for businesses of all sizes. Be good to hear from those who are doing it already. 

Wherever the desks areN'T

London Debates; The Future of Work will share business information from the world’s leading Experts across a range of sectors from technology to manufacturing, education to banking, their Leaders will talk about what they see as “the world of work in the future”. 

 Junior brains, mature thoughts  

Kids of tomorrow will want different choices about how they work with lower tolerances for what employers want. Where will the connection between the two ends be? And how are other continents making the most from emerging trends in education, innovation & worker engagement?

A bright tomorrow

Following on from the hugely successful junior program where some of the brightest young minds met to thrash out ideas across a range of industries, this event will focus on the 'how to' of going forward as seen by established Leaders, among an audience of 400.

A riot in the making. 

Disruptive Technology is more than just a buzz phrase. It will dramatically change the rules by which we trade, alter brand dominance and use emerging technology to change workers expectations. 15 years ago, no one had heard of Facebook.  What brand will emerge in the next 15 years, how will it change consumer behaviour?

Big brains, small world

More than a dozen Futurists, Bankers, Creatives., Economists, Educators, Politicians and Business Leaders will challenge the way you think about the future. You get a chance to hear from and network with world business leaders and equally curious peers. What you make of it is up to you.

Date: September 28th

Where: Honourable Artillery Company