Mar 22, 2016

  • ....the tough get growing. No typo intended.

It's undoubtedly true that if you're not growing you're actually dying.  You just don't know it until the smell gets really bad.

Although I never tasted it myself, Kendall Mint Cake was just well, 'there.' So too were Ben Sherman shirts for any young lad wanting to stake his claim to manhood.  Beales is a name I think of regularly as the small department store in my town but they went down the CVA route a good while ago, along with many others so for how much longer will their name grace our small High St?

Yet during the same period of economic difficulty there has been surprising growth; in brands that already existed as well as those who are shiny and new. Like anything, there are basic principles behind both performances,the trick is knowing what they are. Here are just 6 ideas from the Ivey Business Journal to make sure your new growth initiatives work first time.