One of my favourite anecdotes about arrogance is about a publisher who were approached by a digital company offering to put all their books online in this new thing called 'the digital world'.  The Publisher snootily refused saying 'We're not an online service, we're in the book business' and the rest is history.  Why?  Because the Publisher was the Encyclopedia Britannica and the online upshots were Google.  The rest, as they say, is history.

The important lesson for all of us to remember, is to really know what your business is; it wasn't about books or digital per se, but about information.  The rest was just the method of delivery.

If change is the only constant in life then, as our American cousins might say, we'd better get with the program.  But just what does the future look like in the chaotic, ADHD world of digital content?  Here's an excellent article from Forbes Magazine to help point the way.