Emotional intelligence has become a popular term among the middle classes (some would say with too much time on their hands) almost entirely focussing on personal relationships but the greatest danger to a business can come through an unhappy workforce.

Does that mean we should all spend our time hugging & handing out the Kleenex?  Not really, no one has the time and few people have the interest or energy.  Indeed, some people come to work to get away from all the emotional stress in their personal lives.  But while their logical brain says they want to leave it all behind, few people can usually leave their troubles at the office door. Statistics prove that EQ accounts for 58% of performance, employees with high EQ scores, earn $20,000 dollars a year more than their more contained colleagues and 90% of top performers in Business have high EQ scores.  Without it, what you can end up with is an internal terrorist putting your business at risk, undermining all your best efforts to build a world class team able to deliver world class results.