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How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent...

We might not consider ourselves a superboss, but author Sydney Finkelstein believes there is something we can all learn from the world’s most iconic business leaders. And as a result our people will be more engaged, and our organisations more nimble and resilient. 

The professor of management and business consultant interviewed more than 200 people to understand why superbosses like designer Ralph Lauren inspired such loyalty and created so many successful protégées.  

He found that while they may have had different styles, they were:

-  Passionate and driven with a clear vision – which their teams all understood

-  Fully engaged in mentoring and coaching – like masters and apprentice

-  Ready to lavish responsibility on inexperienced staff 

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We know that excellent Interim Executives have superior leadership skills, as you can only rely on your personal power, not your positional power. We hope you find this Speed read useful in your success.

Christine de Largy
Managing Director

Chair, UK Board Practice, Harvey Nash