Preparation for a return to school is rife in households up and down the country. The realisation that little Jonny or Mary (in reality more likely to be called Zac Chardonnay) have grown an extra foot (in height not body part) and the standard school skirt is now more a fringe or the trousers closer to bermuda shorts means a mad dash to the shops to replenish our offsprings wardrobes.  

But what about the grown ups? How do we prepare ourselves for the prospect of getting back into the cut and thrust of corporate life with those 2 weeks in Mauritius a rapidly fading memory?

Surprisingly, most of us do nothing to get ready for the onslaught of returning back into the rigours, challenges and disappointments (sometimes) of our office lives.  We just assume it will be alright. It has to be.

Whilst that's true, the challenge is learning how to manage those pressures without driving yourself nuts which is why I liked this list from Forbes Magazine offering 5 Tips on Getting Back into work after a vacation.  Yes, I know, its holiday not vacation but forgive them. They're American. If you do, you might find some of their ideas useful, not least the tip on using your autoresponder to keep people away until you're ready for them.