Not just what the English Rugby team are going to have to do after their disastrously early exit from the World Cup but is it an approach you would associate with Positive Thinking?

Too many people see positive thinking as nothing more than something nice & fluffy, with little commercial benefit but the scientific data showing how it affects success grows daily.

As I constantly bang on about, companies don't sell widgets to companies. They sell to people. People buy widgets (and anything else) from err...people. It's not rocket science but it is amazing how many businesses forget that. Even those that recognise that fact still disassociate it from the mental attitude of their staff and how they can help affect it. Positively.

This article in the Huffington Post looks at the science behind what either positive or negative thinking does to a brain. Your brain, my brain, my customers brains. If you don't recognise it, how are you ever going to benefit from it?

Here's a list of 7 simple things you can do, as an Employer, to help with staff morale from Entrepreneur Magazine.