Adrienne Lawler

Broadcaster Presenter BBC/SKY/ITV/CNN Live Events Facilitator. Adding measurable value and bottom-line impact

'To lose one thing is unlucky, to lose two is careless.' So goes the old saying along with 'be careful what you wish for'. In case you've been in a cave, we've lost both our membership of the EU and our Prime Minister.

Whether you were an innie or an outie (technical terms) the world we all woke up to this morning is very different to the one we went to bed with. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be like a mistaken one night stand where the man/woman you went to bed with who looked like Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt has magically transformed into Fiona/Shrek overnight. Nigel Farage said that even the sun was out, suggesting Divine approbation for the result. Hmmmm. The markets certainly didn't agree, knocking over 600 points off the opening price - even before it opened.

What will it all mean for business? Well, the lunatic fringe aside (not necessarily a reference to Boris's mad hair) like most things, the world will continue to spin, even though its' axis may see a few bumps along the way. Some of the biggest losers on the stock market first thing are the people who probably won't inspire tears; the Bankers. You may not be reaching for the Kleenex on their behalf but it will be even more interesting to hear what the Ashok Vaswani CEO of Barclays has to say at this event he's scheduled to speak at and which looks into the Future of Work in Sept. How will his comments then relate to statements he will have to make in the next few days?

Even more interesting will be the panel he's on with Pro-leave campaigner Lord Digby Jones at the same event. Given his size, my money would be on Digby coming out the winner!

Acting as seconds however will be global businessman Tony Fish who thinks the world is a place full of cherries, ripe for the picking. But what about the NHS? Does it have any cherries at all and if we shut the borders, will it even have staff? I suspect Wingham Rowan might have a lot to say on the subject from a completely different angle.

All this tussling may leave an unpleasant smell in the room so I can only hope Simon Harrop brings one of his clever devices with him to help waft away the smell of blood and guts! Sorry, to create a sense of harmony and well being! Either really, I'll be the one with the sovel.