Chris Cooper helps business leaders to elevate their businesses, their people and themselves. He is a consultant, facilitator, mentor, keynote speaker (former Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association) and broadcaster. Chris speaks about 'The Power to Get Things Done (Whether Your Feel Like It Or Not)' - with the book to be published by Penguin Random House USA in Dec 2015 and 'How to elevate your business on Podcast and Radio'. 

Chris has held senior roles at Mars, United Biscuits and Punch and is based in Leicestershire, England. He works prolifically as a consultant and developer of people in the hospitality, food, drink and insurance sectors as well as supporting small business leaders via his 'Elevation Programme' which has run successfully for over 5 years. His radio show 'Be More Achieve More. Inspiration for the Entrepreneurial Mind' first aired in Sept 2011 and is accessed up to a record 100,000 times a month from over 50 countries.