July 12, 2016

Broadcaster Presenter BBC/SKY/ITV/CNN Live Events Facilitator. Adding measurable value and bottom-line impact

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you split up from someone, the radio only ever plays sad love songs? Or that when you think about someone you haven’t seen in ages, you suddenly bump in to them, physically or otherwise?

Some people don’t believe in coincidence as some mystical occurrence whilst others live by belief in the power of thought to literally move the universe in one direction or another. Not to be too ambivalent but I am somewhere in between.

Before I was given the idea by my friend (thanks @tonyfish) I can’t honestly say I’d given much thought to the Future of Work but blimey, talk about the snowball effect! I won’t say I was beating Speakers off with a stick but never before can I remember so many people approaching me to say how important an issue it is generally but especially post EU referendum/IT & security/Banking/Education/Disruptive technologies/Global reach/Employee evolution and it’s not just CEO’s who are interested but people further down the line who wonder about their own future and security for their families.

The FT are holding an event, the CIPD are talking about it, CNN has a segment on weekly and the list goes on. For me what’s going to be key is getting all those brilliant people in the same room to both listen AND talk to the people with skin in the game. You and me.

3 weeks ago, David Cameron could confidently (he thought) predict his future for the next 3 years or so but now even he is asking himself the very same questions about HISFuture of Work.