Nov 23, 2015

Stop!! Don't do THAT naked! That coffee burns!

I bet that woke up your Monday didn't it?  It wasn't (just) an attention grabbing headline but following on from the great ideas of one particular Naked Leader;David Taylor, Author of the aforementioned books on corporate nudity.

Essentially, the thrust behind all his messages (steady) is that we need to strip away the jargon, the excuses and the unimportant details to focus on doing - not talking about - the basics, of which there are really only four and they are;

1. Know where you want to go

2. Know where you are now

3. Know what you have to do

4. DO IT!!

Its one of those simple philosophies that will have you wondering where the secret is. There isn't one. That's it. Dress it up howsoever you like but those 4 principles are what it takes to guarantee success. The how or the what are incidentals. Get those 4 things right and success will follow as sure as night follows day. For more wisdom - and great support - follow David at The Naked Leader.

Now put your trousers back on please!