Even the most productive of us would struggle with the idea that 60 seconds can, of itself, make a huge or significant difference but Intel have assimilated some data around what happens online every 60 seconds that will make your head spin in looking at the totality of dominance across our lives.

With the horrendous acts of terrorism around the world, it makes you wonder how we can be so united - and so separate - at the same time, doesn't it?  The people of Azerbaijan are as full of ambition as the people of downtown Liverpool.  Its just a different set of ambitions.  And freedoms.

Many of us think of China as a closed society with huge contrasts between the have and have-nots but that is too simplistic a view.  They do actually have their own highly evolved social networks and have a greater number of friends online than they do in real life, which sounds depressingly familiar to western audiences. Some of their data is even more interesting as it highlights the opportunities for growth in the largest marketplace in the world and is definitely worth reading. 

Whilst the headline number on the Intel diagram are interesting to view at a glance, it's worth drilling down into those numbers to see how behaviour is changing and where there are gaps to be filled closer to home.