"I'm sick of people sittin' in chairs, talking about their problems. Same old, same old. Enough of that.  I'm ready to move the 'What's next?' phase of my career."
Oprah Winfrey 2016

Even someone with loads of money and a dream job finds herself ready for career adventures ahead. Pretty inspiring, right? People tend to think that once they’ve landed their ideal gig that loving work will magically follow. But it’s not so simple. Roles are perishable, and they get stale over time.

When your day-to-day is feeling a little blah, start your “What’s next?” phase. I’m not telling you to quit your job and sail around the world on an Eat, Pray, Love style adventure. Just start asking yourself these questions:

  • What impact do you want to have?
  • What kinds of clients do you want to make a difference for?
  • What talent or skill do you want to strengthen?
  • Practicality aside, what would you love to do?

Live bigger to feel that surge of passion and excitement. What’s next for you? Let’s talk about it.

Sharon Hoyle Weber