As far back as the 60's we were all being urged (by The Beatles at least) to get back to where we all belonged. But did we? Did some of use even know where that was? Some were too high on 'shrooms and stuff to give a stuff!

But it came to mind when I found several articles about the Holy Grail of business markets; Business to Business or B2B to give it's more familiar acronym. Yet my searches all talked about the need to get 'Back to Basics' which really resonated with me, particularly this one from Entrepreneur

It's not about reinventing the wheel: just making sure it's;

a) round

b) pointing in the right direction and

c) under your control.

But if it's really that simple, why are so many coming off our wagons? Maybe time to have a proper look at how what you're saying matches up with what you're delivering.