Jul 24, 2015


I not sure where the first 7 months of this year have gone but I do know that for NYT Events it's been a whirl of conferences & award ceremonies and once again, the question is 'why?' do companies bother with the investment of an event. The answer is quite simple; not just to recognise achievement but to thank people for their efforts, particularly for coming through the challenging economic times. But is it important to say 'thank you'? Isn't it enough that you pay the bill and put salaries in people's pockets? Well only if you want to limit your success.

As this fascinating study from Harvard shows, saying thank you improves results from 32% to 66%. Thank you, that's it. No magic wand, no special offers, or bonuses, just thank you.

It's not clever or sexy or complicated. It just a reminder that whatever your business, your capital is the human beings whose needs you serve. And those messy creatures have things called emotions. Tip them one way and you're in trouble. Tip them the other and you're flying high.

So from me to the whole team at NYT Events and to all of you who have made time to read this post, THANK YOU .....and have a lovely weekend.