Dec 11, 2015

Whether we want to or not, we've all seen them.  The Christmas Ads.  John Lewis is always  at the front of the pack and I've said already, I hate this years advert; an old man alone on a planet, making eye contact with another human being through a telescope lens. So the message is clear, we don't treat old people properly. Remind me, what has that got to do with Christmas? As the saying goes; Old people are for life, not just Christmas.

Interestingly, I don't think I'm the only one who finds it offensive as Aldi or Lidl have created a fabulous spoof off the back of it which, unlike John Lewis, didn't cost £1 million and sees an appealing lady being sent in by balloons. Much better.

But what is the value of Christmas Advertising? Does it make a return on its investment or is it all one upmanship between the big brands battling for market dominance? I suspect the latter is true and really liked this article exploring it's value by Real Business.

The challenge with any marketing spend of course is almost always the battle to extract money from the Finance Directors. But before you get caught up in a battle of wills, remember the issue shouldn't be about winning the argument for superiority sake but being able to demonstrate a true return on investment Do that and you win the argument for marketing spend.

Balance is everything; if you switch off the lights and keep the doors closed you will save money on electricity and heat but you will also alienate potential customers. Tricky but essential to get the balance right.

Marketing Directors should always be kept under control whilst Finance Directors should be given a set of maracas and shown how to shake them!