....despite fears to the contrary, the world is not about to end!! Hurrah! Well, not unless Donald Trump gets in on the other side of the pond of course :(

The Telegraph runs with the story that Fulcrum Asset Management has picked up momentum dramatically over recent weeks, signalling robust world growth of 4pc over the second half of the year - even if there is a hiccup in the UK. This is up from 3.4pc in the last quarter and 2.4pc in late 2015 but what does it all mean to life as we know it?

The 'hiccup' referred to is the dramatic decision to exit the EU of course and to be honest, no one really knows exactly what that will mean for UK growth or survival in the longer term so, as I've said before, when it comes to opinions 'you pays your money and takes your choice'. 

To review their review in more depth, including graphs, it's worth visiting their page today so you can reach your own conclusion because ultimately, a great deal of business, including stock market performance comes down to faith & belief. And yes, I use those two words deliberately because for some, making money really is akin to a religion and like all extremists, those kind of people are to be given a very wide berth.

I am related to one such zealot and admit to schadenfreude when hearing that the extremely valuable gift he'd been given when leaving an overseas territory, subsequently turned out to be a cheap fake. Laugh, I nearly dropped my Channel lipstick into my Gucki boots! Not because I wished him ill, but just because his capacity to value human relationships is about as deep as a puddle. 

This person's main wealth (and yes, he has a lot of it) is due to trading on the stock market and trading wisely, determinedly and entirely unemotionally, something that we mere mortals find hard to do.

What does surprise me though is how many people I've met who think the stock market has nothing to do with them. In reality, it would be utterly incredible if some/all of the people you work with, or employ, are not part of that group. In which case you might want to share this handy guide to 'How the Stock Market Affects the Economy'. Just make sure they're sitting comfortably when you share it with them.

Even more interesting for me - because I'm keeping a beady eye out looking for it - is the trailer at the end of the article which screams 'How worldwide businesses should prepare for the rise of artificial intelligence'.

But put the smelling salts back in the drawer because it's opening line offers hope by presenting the idea that artificial Intelligence might not automatically lead to global mass unemployment but could also create new jobs we cannot yet imagine. Think about it; who knew, or would have believed, that Facebook would have over 1.23 billion users within a decade? So if we couldn't imagine Facebook 10 years ago, what can we not see 10 years hence and what will it mean for the Future of Work?

To the old maxim that the only certainty in life is death & taxes, I would like to add.....and change. The only element of choice is how you embrace it.