With the news that Chris Evans has been appointed to take over at Top Gear, it reminded me of some advice I heard many years ago.  Someone was asking how she should decide what career to go into and the answer was "Find a job you love so much that you'd do it for free, then get so good at it that you get paid a fortune to do it".  Clearly, that seems to be the kind of advice someone must also have given Chris Evans as he now a very wealthy man which also means we can all be sure that money was not the sole motivator here.

From the BBC's perspective, this multi-millionaire is a renowned petrol head with millions of followers on Radio 2 - many of whom started out with a very jaundiced view of him but have been won over by his apparent love of his job - day in and day out, so it must have been an easy decision to try and lure him over to a program in turmoil.

And so the circle is complete; fall in love with your job and it shows, when it shows, people (including bosses) fall in love with you and success follows.  It's a pretty simple formula but most of us will, at some point or other, have come across someone who is clearly in the wrong job, both in terms of competency and/or attitude. If we're honest, some of us ARE that person. If all that is stopping you from being deliriously happy in your chosen career is knowing what to do next about finding the right job, then this article might offer the answer. 

PS  It does also prove that not all rumours about high profile people taking on new roles are untrue, even when they issue strong denials doesn't it?  Now who said that if you or I did the same thing, that would be called telling a lie?  Tut, tut.