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With news first that David Cameron has resigned as MP as well as several MP's about to lose their seat when boundaries are redrawn, we are finally all sharing something; uncertainty about the Future of Work.

As Tony Fish, one of the Speakers said "The giants of tomorrow will be those who use innovation, strategy, transformation and commercial engagement in a whole new way. Businesses of all sizes need to know how to get the most from change. 

Today’s world of work is completely different to anything that’s gone before. How will Artificial Intelligence affect your career? Are MBAs still worth the investment of time & money?”

Everything has turned on it's head so that suddenly the idea of building a brand on scent doesn't seem such a radical idea. Why not when smell is the strongest of all our senses as Simon Harrop explained here at a TEDx event a while back. I suspect there may be a slightly less pleasant smell round the ankles of some MP's over the next few days.

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