Motivation is a funny old thing; what works for some people, totally turns others off.  The problem is, rarely have we needed inspiration so badly, both as individuals and businesses.  Whilst it’s true the economy is improving, the tough times won’t just go away just because the stock market is rising or interest rates are down.  Exceptional Leaders know that whilst it may not be fair, it is absolutely essential to keep their teams motivated if the bad times are to remain a thing of the past.  However, unless you can afford the fortunes required to hire or even attend a Tony Robbins speech, how do the rest of us inspire or motivate our people to achieve their very best? 

As you can see from this article, it’s easier than you think.  Not all the ideas will work but many most definitely will.  All you have to do is pick the ones that work for you and then do the really difficult bit; implement them!  

What you mustn't do is nothing.  It's too expensive a strategy.