It's hard enough trying to be the very best in any field but once you've become number one, what's left? Sustaining your advantage becomes harder and harder but as anyone who's been watching the Olympics will tell you, class shows, as demonstrated by the irrepressible Usain Bolt, at his very best. 

Clearly, he was born with an abundance of talent but what else sets him apart? The future of work is as pressing - if not more so - for him as it is for everyone else. What does it look like for people like him, with a different mindset to others? And is the corporate world geared to adapting to changes itself in the next 5, 10 & 20 years? Hard to prepare for a world that doesn't yet exist isn't it?

Many psychologists say it's focus including these brilliant minds; Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Hewitt who have collaborated on this book. Here's are 8 points from the book that I think you’ll appreciate:

·         Each week take one day completely off. No business phone, no emails. No work. Just make it your day to think and plan. But don’t actually do any business work.

·         Spend time with your family. At least one day each week should be a full family day. If you can’t do that, be sure to spend as much time as you possibly can each day in the mornings or evenings with the people you love and care about.

·         Before going to sleep, create an outline of what you want to accomplish the following day. Not in your head, write it down. Do that from Monday to Friday.

·         Find one thing that makes your day better. Each of us has things that we enjoy doing. Make sure you do something you enjoy each day. Whatever it is. Treat yourself.

·         Take a nap. The authors suggest taking 25 minutes to sleep mid day during the week. This will re-charge you and get you more focused. Especially if you’re waking up between 5:30-6:30am each morning.

·         Ask more. Don’t be scared of rejection. You need to ask people in all situations for what you want. It’s what kids do. It’s what works. Ask and you’ll often get.

·         Be consistent and persistent. Don’t give up on something after only a couple of tries. It can often take years of toiling away to make you an ‘overnight success’.

·         Keep your promises. Most people don’t follow through and do what they say. If you do, make sure you promote that fact. In emails or calls to clients, let them know that you got ____ done “as promised.” That will reinforce your commitment.