For some, it may already be feeling like a very long week and just to recap; it's still only Monday!

If that describes how you're feeling, maybe it's time to consider if you're in the right job. I know I've bored some with this story already, but just in case you missed it...I once asked a make-up lady I was working with on EMG! why she chose her job and her reply was inspirational. She told me that she'd been given a fabulous bit of advice as she left school which was that she should pick a job she loved so much she'd do it for free, then get so good at it, she'd get paid a lot of money to do it. 

It's not an exact scientific calculation but it is exacting. Would you do your current job for nothing? If you are working for free, why is that? Is it something you just feel passionate about or aren't you good enough to be paid at all? Or good enough to be paid well?

But if, as if often the case, you realise its because you're in the wrong job, what does that say about a) your decision making ability and b) the recruitment process you went through? Was the person who picked unable to read you or did they simply not understand their own job? 

Recruitment is crucial to any business but mistakes do happen so I really liked this article from Sept 2013 outlining 4 great principles for hiring;

Get to know the whole person

Communicate your company values

Meet the people now who you might want to hire later

The best people want to work with the best people

The last one is perhaps the most difficult to be truthful about, especially if a) you are the only person doing the recruiting and b) it's been a while since you last looked at yourself truthfully and harshly.

Good leaders are always able to review their own performance, reflect on what they see and take action to improve their own performance before telling everyone else where they're going wrong. If that all sounds a bit tricky, maybe you should be talking to this man, David TaylorHe does get naked, but only emotionally in the week.....what he does at weekends is up to him!