You won't be surprised to heat that with one of the most important conferences coming up on the subject of the Future of Work, I am more than a little interested to hear what people are saying on the topic. I was even more interested to hear that in 2014 Cisco were saying organizations "Must Shift Policies to Meet Demands of Gen X and Gen Y Professionals, with Two-Thirds Preferring Flexible Work Styles". Catchy little title I'm sure you'll agree.

My interest was piqued for two reasons; the first is that we have the CEO of Cisco (Phil Smith) speaking at an event all about the Future of Work and the second is more personal. The audience being addressed with this report were business leaders in the United Arab Emirates and which is where my son is about to go out and take up a tax free job in the sun. So all things Dubai are of interest to me. Mainly I'm concerned about having a holiday destination of course but you know what I mean.

But it's not all sunshine of course. One of my brothers has also lived out there - and lived well - for 25 years and seen it flourish from a desert to a shining icon for imagination. Whatever your current business/model I am delighted to announce that imagination is, and will always be, key to its success, whatever the future may bring. Here are some imaginative ideas that others see for the future; 

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And finally.....some stunning insight from Fortune Magazine about 2016 back in 2015