It's a fair question and brings to mind the warning 'Buy cheap, buy twice' but hang on a minute, I've just been able to have my cake and eat it.  Sorry, I should have issued a cliche alert shouldn't I?

But it is all in a good cause because as someone who is quick to criticise poor service, I try to be even quicker at sharing great service with people who I think might benefit from getting a first hand recommendation.

Our new website has been designed by an extremely talented young woman called Katy Carlisle who heads up and is living proof that you don't have to reinvent something in order for it to be successful; you've just got to be good at it.

Not only has her design been fantastic and remarkably stress-free (for me anyway, if not her) but even after the invoice had been paid, she took time and trouble to record a step by step video showing us how to get the best from it.  To say they've gone above and beyond the call of duty may be an understatement but it's a pretty good starting point for any business decision I'd say.

She could have just handed it back to us with a 'thank you and good luck' attitude but because she didn't, I'm extolling their virtues at every possible occasion.  Try our site out and see for yourself just how great they've made us then get in touch with Katy.  They're awesome - now when did someone last say that about your business?  Makes you think doesn't it?