Not to give the game away but if you're interested in the future of work the answer is clear; its NOT people. And its NOT technology. It can ONLY be a blend of the two. But some people spend more time talking about the kind of coffee they should buy for the office than how they should make sure those two key tenants of any organisation are a perfect fit.

No one buys a glove with 4 fingers and says 'that will probably do' anymore than they walk into a car showroom and tell the dealer to make his own choice for them.

Intelligence (in the biggest meaning of the word) is a two way thing and something that should be shared frequently and often. However, sometimes we feel as afraid of what we don't know as we do of what we DO know. For delicate souls, let me break it to you gently;  change IS coming! Standing still is not an option and just when you've changed once get ready for the next one because as sure as eggs are eggs, change will keep happening. Just look at the EU referendum! 

If I could, I would bet a chunk of money that even the architects of that referendum had absolutely NO idea what was going to happen and the resulting fallout that would occur. But just today, there was news of two major companies returning to the UK because of the outcome. One of them is even on this list which was published pre-referendum highlighting the top 1,000 companies judged by the London Stock Exchange to be worth watching. Given how much of our work is done electronically, will borders mean anything to businesses with drive, determination & strategy?

I think not. The only constant in all out lives is change. The only choice is how we respond to it. But the biggest question of all for both Employers & Employees has got to be around the issues facing the future of work an event which sees Lord Digby Jones joing a dozen other key speaker.

Some of the luminaries on the list were not for leaving and have publicly questioned the wisdom of separation. By default, 99% of them have got their place at the table by dint of their impressive CV's. But if you're wearing Ermine or a CEO of a global business, can you really understand the challenge being faced by much smaller companies and their staff? Some of whom feel like flotsam & jetsam in a sea of uncertainty wondering how they plan - and believe - in the future of work and the changes it will bring?

I know I have a stack of questions I'm going to ask but are there any I've missed I wonder? What would you like to ask any of the people on this list? Keep it clean (and calm) and I'll do my best to ask them.