Event Terms and Conditions

Payment due in full at the time of booking and guarantees you a place to the main conference between 8.30 – 5.00 with refreshments/lunch provided at break times.

Cancellation policy; once payment has cleared, refunds requests will only be honoured up to 14 days in advance of the event (14th September 2016) and are subject to a 10% administration charge.

The evening Drinks reception is by invitation only to those who have registered their interest by 1st Sept 2016 and is Free of Charge to delegates who attended the daytime conference.

Follow up notes of all Speakers will be available within 7 days at NYTEvents.com which may be downloaded for use by the person who attended the event but not by any other person/s or company for any other use.  Views expressed by Speakers are entirely their own and in no way attributable to the official views of the organisation they represent or by NYT Events Limited.

Photos may not be taken without the prior consent of those people being photographed.

Whilst lively debate is encouraged, we would ask all attendees to be respectful of our Speakers and their fellow delegates.

Clinic sessions must be booked in advance and regrettably, late arrival may result in the cancellation of a session. 

Every care will be taken to ensure the safety of personal property (we have manned cloakroomand security staff throughout) but the safekeeping or personal items is the responsibility of each person.

We cannot guarantee that any/all sources of allergies i.e. nuts, dairy, fish etc have not come into contact with refreshments served but are happy to try and accommodate all food requirements/allergies with prior notice.